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The Legendary Bong Guitar Video

HUGH HEFNER HATES GIRLS: Mike Edison and the Interstellar Rendevous Band

I Walked With a Zombie (Holiday Version) – Notorious pro-meth amphetamine X-mess video with all-star band!

Cocaine Habit Blues – Live from Book Soup in LA from I HAVE FUN author tour. Crazy!

The Warlord, Pt 1 – more from I HAVE FUN EVERYWHERE I GO, scary theremin and wrestling action.

“Pornography! Punk Rock!! Drugs!!”! Short clip from legendary SpiegelTent Show

Edison Rocket Train – “I Like to Hurt People” – Greatest rock and wrestling video ever, feat. Handsome Dick Manitoba

Mike Edison Destroys Jews for Jesus –killer clip from the I HAVE FUN IN BROOKLYN tour 2009.

Led Zeppelin Theremin Explosion

Edison Rocket Train with Magnetix

Mike Edison, “Afro Futurism, Pt. 1” – Odetta meets War of the Worlds. Live in Toulouse, France, madness from the Interstellar Roadhouse Tour.

“Pornography, Pt II” from True Sex Confession Night feat. Trans-Atlantic Friedman on bongos.

With Andy Shernoff on I HAVE FUN IN BROOKLYN TOUR – 22 Seconds of punk rock glee. GG vs Lou. GG wins.

“GG Allin Died Last Night” – From the CD of I HAVE FUN EVERYWHERE I GO produced by Jon Spencer.

With GG Allin and the Holy Men – “Drink, Fight, and Fuck” + 2, live from the Lismar Lounge, 1988.

With Raunch Hands Live in Bilbao, Christmas Eve, 1990.

“Loose” – Live with New Bomb Turks, Madrid, 1992.

With Bob Bert and Mickey Finn (“The Rocket Train Delta Science Pocket Arkestra,”) opening for Lydia Lunch, Bowery Electric, 2010